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It's Been A While... <3 [09 May 2006|11:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey. =]

I'm back. I'm soooooooooo sorry i havent updated this. I'v been really busy, and to tell you the truth, i've been on myspace most of the time i AM online. so, i'm sorry.


Good News For everyone who DIDNT know. I found someone who makes me the happiest person alive. They make my day... He is AMAZING, pefect, sweet, thoughtful, loving, beautiful... everything i could ever wish for.

I know the last time i wrote in here, i was extremely depressed... but things change. I found someone better... WAYYYYY better.

Arturo is ... "wow". He makes me feel so special. He means A LOT to me. He makes me smile. I look foward to my day thanks to him.

I LOVE HIM! <3333333333

AND AND AND...........


Aly <3
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[27 Jan 2006|08:12pm]
[ mood | content ]


oh... just to update you guys:

i'm learning how to play santana's "Europa" on guitar... my fingers are killing me and blisters are coming up, but i'm not going to stop... it's non-stop practicing until i get that song down... WOOT!!!



and did i tell you that:


sweet kisses

[14 Jan 2006|04:34pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I like someone new.

This time, i KNOW i really like him.

=] <333


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[05 Jan 2006|10:16pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I hate the way I'm treated by Monika. She treats me like dirt.. like shit.

She treats me like I'm not good enough to be her friend. When I tell her about it, she just tells me that i treat her the same exact way.. maybe it's true.. but I only do that AFTER she says or does something Incredibly stupid. Sometimes i feel like all she thinks about is cindy, and herself... and maybe "boy".... that's it... i don't think she really cares about anyone esle...

Maybe sometimes she'll show love to someone but ONLY if she doesnt have her best friend oaround... I'm sorry, but i'm not the type of person weho'll let someone walk all over them... I'm not going to follow the way she acts... i'm not going to be like her.. I've had the experiance before, and to tell you ther truth, everyopne hated me... I lost two of my BEST friends because of the way i acted like her... Luckily i stopped myself from being like that and i have those to friends back in my life after showing them that i CAN be myself and not act like an "immature" person...

I have my regrets sometimes.. maybe thinking like this will be one regret later on in my life... but right now, i feel this way.. and until i am shown respect by one of my BESt friends (monika) then i have no respect for her at all.... I feel bad.. and upset about everything that i am thinking about her right now, but i cant think any other way right now.... cuz i cant find any reasonm to not think like this about her...

Urgh ANGRY-NESS!!!! ((>.<))

okies... but one a happier note... there is this cute guy.. i won't say who.. but yeah... he's funny, and nice... and we... don't even talkl to eachother.... =[ ahhh... w.e... i hope i'll get to know him... cuz he seems like a cool guy.., and yeah.. *smiles* ^.^ <33

sweet kisses

[03 Jan 2006|08:08pm]
[ mood | Sad & headache. I <3 Nny..=] ]

I'm so stupid and selfish... I love my friends...

I'm never drinking EVER again...

I'm sorry Daniel & i love you moreee than ANYONNEEEEEE... sorry... <33333333 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and yeauuhhh.. Happy birthday!! ^.^ You are the sweetest 16 could get.. blah.. i'm so cheesey.... and you hate cheese.... I suck.. blehh..v.v

w.e... I <3 youuuuuu

sweet kisses

[01 Jan 2006|08:14pm]
[ mood | YAY!!!! ^.^ <333 ]

I had the best time ever on the first day of 2006!!!!

I went to a party for new years and i made new friends... it was fun... my feet were killing me. But today i went to the mall with daniel and i gave him his present.. He was SOOOO happy. and then i bought him a swirly ring. and we went to watch NARNIA.. it was AWESOME!!!! and not only that, but afterwards, i bought him a GIGANTIC cookie.... for his birthday..... it's a b-day cookie. wo0t! he loved it! I LOVE HIM SOO MUCH! I just hope he had as much fun as i did.. i think he yay! best day ever, spent with the best person ever!!! =] <33333333333

love you all & happy new year!!, aly
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Long Time No Write.. -_- [30 Dec 2005|02:21am]
[ mood | tired ]

What's up people?

So This vacation i've been kind of busy... i've been out of my house almost everyday.

My christmas was blah.. No presents.. plus i'm jewish.. so i guess my hanukkah was "blah".... umm..... daniel came over christmas day. and then the next day my dad took cori, daniel and i to watch a movie & eat pizza... and the next day i went to the mall w/ daniel.... and yeauuuhhhhhh.

the past 2 days i've been babysitting. Tomorrow I'm going to the mall & getting presents... and clothes... with monika. and sunday i'm going with daniel.

urgh. my sister has a date tomorrow. she's so excited and im SOOO happy for her. I've never been on a date. As much as i want a date too, i know i can't find someone... i'm so stupid... i like someone... who will never like me back... but he makes me happy... w.e.... i guess i'll just have to wait for someone Better to come around... i know i'll find someone.... or he'll find me...

blah blah blah.... v.v

I <3 monkeys, penguins and Gummyyyy Bearsssss... <3 lol

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[13 Dec 2005|09:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]


lately i've been hanging out with misled and stuff... but LATELY misled hasnt really been MISLED... cuz of all the relationship crap going on...

I'm so happy that my sister has ryan & monika has dominic....


I'm so fed up with the making out when i'm there... I mean.. wtf?!?! I'm in the room with two couple making out.. and i'm just S I T T I N G there.... yay for me..

today i was with them on the beach & the started making out.. so me, jello & daniel had a "threesome" lol... not really but it's

but then i realize that even though they were there, it still wasnt good enough.. i STILL don't have someone to be with...

Daniel was really nice and stood up for me... he yelled at them for being so careless about my feelings...

To tell you the truth... i still like someone.. i still like him.. and i'm not going to lie or hide it... although we'll never be, i'lll always love him.... cuz he's always been there for me...and i'm just happy we're friends. If he doesnt like me, then i guess i can take it.

so yeah.. it's just me... A L O N E like most of the time...

< 3

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[11 Dec 2005|12:06pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I havent felt the way i feel right now in a lonnnggggg time...I feel so heartbroken.

Just a while back i was dumped by someone i REALLY liked. I was starting to get over him, but on the day of my party, he asked me to be his date.... I was like "what the hell is he thinking?!?!". Was he doing this to break my heart again? well... he did.... And i cryed... and i still do.... yesterday.

Yesterday, i went to the mall and shopped with monika, cindy, and her friend. We went to hot topic and i baught a couple of holiday gifts for my sister and monika. I was trying to look for something for other people... like daniel.. and michael, but i couldnt find.

Later on that night, monika and i left to go to hans house & hang out with my sister, ryan, & hans.... While walking to his house, i couldnt stop crying... for my ex.... i feel like an idiot, but i mean, a couple of days ago he asks me to be his date... what can you expect? of course im gonna cry.

That night i was asked out.. and i said no to the person. Monika & my sister argued with me... angry at the fact that i said no to a nice guy. If i dont have feelings for someone, i'm not going to say yes... i'm not going to be with someone and end up being the one to break up with them.... i'm not the type of person to do that.

I KNOW i'll get over my ex.. i KNOW that i'll find someone better.. i really really want to... and i know it takes time...

If i cry... don't blame me... i just need time.. =[ < / 3

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[06 Dec 2005|12:11am]
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[05 Dec 2005|04:37pm]
[ mood | depressed but kinda happy ]

Yesterday Was My Party

I had so much fun... and i heard that a lot of people had a lot of fun as well...

I woke up at 720am, and in my pajamas, i went to start walking some decorations to the party room. I decorated the room and then walked to my house with daniel. I took a shower and changed into my clothes. When We got to the place, karo's cousin did my makeup and then karo straightened my hair.

While i was on the floor listening and being nervous about the bands, daniel grabbed me by the arm and asked me if i wanted to be his date for my party, i said okay..

later on micaels band played, and then mislead... i was having soooo much fun.. and i started to become asad cuz i didnt know where daniel was. i was so angry and upset with him... he kept walking outside about 7 or 8 times.. and when he was inside the party, he was sad....we... then i went on stage with misled and sang dance, dance with adrian. it was so much fun... all of us were head banging... Then EVERYONE was coming on stage and playing the drums...

ahh!!! it was an amazing night! yay! what did you guys think? tell me!! lol

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[30 Nov 2005|05:47pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

today was my birthday...

Sweet Sixteen

I dont know why they call it sweet sixteen... it feels like any other birthday...

when i woke up i got ready and was about to leave.. then my mom calls.. just to wish me happy birthday... i hadnt talked to her in eight months for what i think are some crappy reasons...

then when i get to school, no one remembers.... daniel says happy birthday to me... and so does ariel and karolinne... but no one else... not until lunch.. when ariel brings me a cake.. and EVERYONE comes and sings happy birthay to me.. but i dont think they cared.. they just wanted cake.... they didnt even know it was my birthday,..=[

then.. afterschool.. no one hangs out with me.. they all have to do something or just dont feel like it... after i told them last week to not make plans.. cuz i wanted to hang out.w.e....

my party is this sunday... i have bands, a dress, shoes, food, a place and people coming.. hopefully it'll make up for today.. but i dont know..lets just hope...=/

the sixteen year old.
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[27 Nov 2005|12:13am]
[ mood | lmao... that facei is cool! =] ]

today was awesome!!!

I went to lincoln.. i caught the bus with daniel.. we saw that no was was there, so we went to the park. We sat down on the swings, and then the slide... we stared at the sky.. like the clouds made shapes of skulls, and dogs, and birds... and then we admired the stars... and we went back to lincoln, saw damien, heard about this beach thing, and went....

drinking and licking and other junk... i only had one bottle.. but yeah... and people licked me....

and... i was sad... cuz i hate it that i'm always only a "friend" to people... cuz i'm part of the guys.. they dont see me as that type of girl.. i'm not pretty enough.. or awesome enough...w/e.... and yeah...

i was kinda sad.. i wanted to talk to daniel and stuff but he was all the way up on the roof thingy..i felt like people were leaving him out... i felt like yeah... anyways... i'm going to read this in the morning and feel so stupid for writing all of this.. cuz right now i cant think... i know what im talking about, but i .... yeah... w.e...

I <3 hippos.. and daniel.... and glen (cuz glen does matter), and jelly beans.. cuz they rock! BOOYA! =]

please say someone read this

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[22 Nov 2005|10:07pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

ok.. the last past days i have been able to get over what happened before that...

I've realized that i AM able to move on & find someone new.. maybe i dont like anyone NOW, but there are a bajillion guys out there for me... My life doesnt revolve around 2 guys..

I LOVE daniel
& i'm okay with diego..

They mean SOOO much to me... especially daniel, who hasnt changed although things have happened... I appreciate it sooo friendship with him and everyone else means the WORLD to me.. So yeah.. I will move on... I will find someone new.. hopefully it wont take me long..=]
Thankyou daniel for being there for me like usual...^.^
Thankyou everyone for being there for me..I love you all..♥!!!!


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[22 Nov 2005|06:27pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Local News Update:

Three Gummy bears are said to be found dead last night. Witnesses say,wll, nothing much really.. they were mostly fish. These poor gummy bears were found at the bottom of a fish tank last night. Police believe that the suspect was extremely angry. He would not share these gummy bears with one of his friends because, it is said, that he rather "watch them drown at the bottom of the fish tank". Police say he is not armed with any weapons. He is not as dangerous as he may seem. If you know anything of this tradgic loss, then please comment back. *cough coughJEW cough * sorry... i have a horrible cold.
A picture of these poor victims are posted below..

Image hosted by

well, that is it for local news. Stay tune for later evil jewish people reports..Goodnight.

lmfao!! i love you daniel...

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[20 Nov 2005|10:00pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I had soooooo much fun today!!

I went with Karo, Ariel & Kyle To aventura mall..

We watched harry potter.. (i was watching it for the second night in a row... wo0t!) it was soooo awesome! HARRY POTTER IS SOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!! lmao... i sound really gay now, but w.e.... he is!!! *drools* =]

Later on we were outside and kyle bursted out of no where saying in a british accent " do you think harry potter smoked a joint before the first task?" LMFAO!! it was so funny.. and yeah..

i wrote so much.. okay.. here is the best part!! :::

Image hosted by
I Love Daniel Radcliffe's messy hair!!! <3

Image hosted by
wo0t-ness for his gorgeous smile! *melts* lmao

Image hosted by

and we can't forget the hotness that is ron/rupert ... ^.^ <3

okay... i think that is enough girly "omfgzZz-ness" for now.. eww! sometimes i discust myself.. oh well...he is hot.. =] <3

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[19 Nov 2005|03:20pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

It's Over... AGAIN!

wow.. in only 4 days...

Thanks a lot. </3 =[ W/e .. Im going to lincoln with or without him. Anyone else wanna go?

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[19 Nov 2005|02:36pm]


I <3 him! ♥♥♥
sweet kisses

[18 Nov 2005|05:07pm]
[ mood | Really happy & loved..=] <3 ]

Today i had to go home early cuz of a gay eye infection. w.e.. i had soo much fun yesterday.

GRR! now there's a REALLY long weekend (not really, it's just going to feel like one) and i hope on sunday i will be able to go to lincoln and hang out...

Who0t! im so HAPPY for my sister. She is finaly with ryan.. and she really likes him..... And on the same night i'm with daniel... =] He's amazing... and i thought i would always be sad & depressed, but he was like the only person who made me smile & was there for me at that time. I love him so much... <3 ^.^

yeah. yeah. yeah.

=O I have a new picture::::

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

there... see? i posted one more picture of myself than i posted on myspace! happy karo? lol

Okies.. talkt to you all later...

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[16 Nov 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | loved ]

omg! wo0otness!

I am so happy.. i feel... HAPPY!

lmao...i lost my phone today & the rest of the eveining was just dandy... ^.^

hmm... im in trouble...=[..=S...v.v

oh well... i am too happy to think about the trouble...

I LOVE CAROLINE MORE THAN I LOVE YOU! so HA! lmfao... =] It's true^.- <3

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